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Equilibrium represents the pinnacle in Radical Ritual for the collective first world culture in which we live: vacation. Adhering to a strict belief that our shared time together should be one of joy and relaxation, we seek to strike the all too difficult balance of hard work and play. We are an established camp designed around the confluence of radical inactivity and community support, of which we’ve coined as “the camp that does nothing, but has everything.” It is in this space of in-between action and inaction we are expressing our confidence in the rituals we have set up to ensure that our camp and the community at large experiences the place of relaxation that we all deserve in this place outside the hectic worlds of which we live the other 51 weeks of the year.

One year to go
"If it's me showing that other people of color do things that we aren’t normally known to do, that’s the gift I’m trying to give. I’m taking ownership and not really putting it on someone else to do the work." @debudodley talks to @aphotochick of the @blackburnerproject, which aims to spread awareness of the people of color in BRC through photography and personal stories and help them prepare for the week in the desert. Read more in the Burning Man Journal. (Link in bio.) | First photo of Erin by Isiah Roberts; second by Brian King. All other photos by @aphotochick | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #diversityandinclusion #10principles #thankslarry
Burning Man Project and @LAGI_poweredbyart are partnering together to run a multi-disciplinary design challenge — #LAGI2020FlyRanch — that will create the foundational infrastructure of @fly_ranch plus the building blocks for future activities like events, residencies, art builds, and large-scale projects. The challenge opens today, and we invite you to participate! Details in link in bio. | GIF and photos by @LAGI_poweredbyart | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles #sustainability #communaleffort
📣Good news: In late 2019, BLM provided assurances that we will NOT see dumpsters, concrete barriers, or federal security at the Gate in 2020. But our work is not done! We still need assurances for future years so that we can ensure the ongoing success of Black Rock City and the sustainability of Burning Man culture. We’ve now entered into an “adaptive management” approach with BLM and that means we need your ongoing commitment to Leaving No Trace, Civic Responsibility and more. Read more in the Burning Man Journal. | Photo by @scott.london | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles #leavingnotrace #civicresponsibility
Oh hello there, @bixi909. 🐲 | Photo by @marknixonstudio | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles