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Equilibrium represents the pinnacle in Radical Ritual for the collective first world culture in which we live: vacation. Adhering to a strict belief that our shared time together should be one of joy and relaxation, we seek to strike the all too difficult balance of hard work and play. We are an established camp designed around the confluence of radical inactivity and community support, of which we’ve coined as “the camp that does nothing, but has everything.” It is in this space of in-between action and inaction we are expressing our confidence in the rituals we have set up to ensure that our camp and the community at large experiences the place of relaxation that we all deserve in this place outside the hectic worlds of which we live the other 51 weeks of the year.

One year to go
Social distancing, playa art edition. Installation is “Odd Jelly Out" by @uckiood. | Photo by @marknixonstudio | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles
If you're going through your playa bins and taking out *clean, unused* Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to donate to medical centers in need, @burnerswithoutborders has some helpful tips. Link in bio. Thank you for this! | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles #coronavirus #covid19
It's totally not surprising, but Burners really do know how to come together in times of need. You could say "resilience" is our middle name. Our latest post in the Burning Man Journal chronicles the ways this community is thriving during this uncertain time, by pitching in to help others, expressing themselves with stories and art, connecting with campmates, staying inspired and inspiring others, and of course having fun. It's the first of several roundups to showcase the incredible, rallying response to #covid_19. | Photo by @jeremedia | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles #communcaleffort #participation #radicalselfreliance
Like you, we've been watching with alarm and growing dread as the coronavirus has spread around the globe. The power and impact of a community-centric way of thinking is really needed right now, writes Burning Man Project CEO Marian Goodell. How are you coming together to stay apart? Tell us and please take care. Read more in the Burning Man Journal. Link in bio. | Photo by @marcinzabieganitv | #burningman #blackrockcity #brc #thankslarry #10principles #coronavirus