It’s not your job; it’s just your turn

↑ Really thinking about this, it’s probably the best mindset to have going into most of the endeavors associated with Burning Man and Equilibrium. For EQ, we truly want to avoid scheduled shifts for all the various elements that we provide… and we do provide a lot. It’d be easy to assign shifts for tending the bar, centering the Center of Attention Chair, playing along with Sobriety Checkpoint, or coercing  folks into putt-putt, cornhole, or any other shenanigans that get thunk up in the “hey, this is a good idea” moment. 

But, hey, we really don’t want to shift from the shiftless vibe we’ve got going…see what I did there?

It’s not your job; it’s just your turn:

If and when you feel it or you see there’s a potential to interact with someone go for it! 

  • Pop behind the bar and strike up a convo… don’t know how to make something? Offer Moose Juice…It’s pretty fucking good… or ask the person “what the hell is in a Gin and Tonic?” They’ll teach ya something and it’s pretty fun…or offer up your specialty… If they don’t want Chocolate Milk and Tequila, oh well
  • See someone interesting walking by, pop up out of your chair (or yell from your seat) and offer them a spot in the shade or Center of Attention Chair for…all the attention… after all, we are all here because they finally have arrived!
  • “Want to hit our ball into a hole? You look like you’ve hit a few balls in your day…” and show em the B.R.C.C.C.

Honestly, it can be difficult to jump into a new role, especially in such a wacky community where just keeping it together is task enough. This is an open invitation to bring the gifts of yourself (and/or various personas) to the BRC population outside of EQ. Try it on… it’s gonna fit…and look great on you!