Last year these anchors proved to be simple and very effective. We had some pretty good wind with no stake failures. Even with two people pulling against one anchor they would barely budge. As long as you have an impact driver they are also much easier to install and remove. I went with the following size because it shares the same driver hardware as our dome bolts, 9/16″ socket driver. Keep in mind the small lightweight impact drivers (10v-12v) can’t drive these, they usually will require a full sized driver (18v-20v).

Each anchor comes out to be a little over $2 and about 1 minute of time to cut the chain.

Parts List:

  • 3/8″ x 12″ Lag Screw, Galvanized (Our local hardware stores doesn’t carry this large, so I bought here)
  • 3/8″ Washer, Galvanized
  • 1/4″ Grade 30 Proof Chain, Galvanized


I used an anvil and angle grinder to cut the chain in 2 link sections (when buying the chain keep in mind you will have to ruin a link everytime you cut). If you ask nice, the hardware store may let you use the hydraulic cutters in the chain department. But the angle grinder makes a ton of sparks and generally feels badass.