the Big-a-Ones

  • Your ticket! Seriously… double check
  • Your Parking pass (or your buddy with said Parking Pass)
  • Your WAP (Work Access Pass); formerly known as Early Arrival.. No assigned.. No have… see you at the start of the Event
  • Spare Water
    • EQ provides most water needs, but be prepared and have a few extra gallons. It’s the desert for crying out loud!
  • Personal hygiene supplies: bring whatever you need to be comfortable
    • Sunscreen is kinda nice
    • An extra roll of single-ply TP… SINGLE-PLY TP ONLY!
    • Toothbrush, paste, floss, mouthwash, dentures
    • Deodorant…or not… Rock your musk!
    • Soap…see above
    • Shampoo…we have a shower, but good luck with that part
    • Towel… if you really need it, we won’t judge if you don’t
  • Gear
    • Sleeping structure… or a friend with a sleeping structure… or a can do attitude to make new friends that will share
    • Bedding as needed (see above)
    • It gets really hot and it gets really cold; depending on you sleep patterns, plan accordingly.
  • Extra space in whatever you traveled in or packed to take some extra stuff home. It’s important!
  • Good shoes for trekking and standing


The Small-a-Ones

  • Costumes: you are participating in a giant experiment in community, dress (or not) however you damn like
  • Food: you’re going to want to eat; probably not as much as usual as it’s hotter than hell, but food is nice. EQ has some group meals that occur, but bringing some snack-type extras may save your life
  • Liquids: Booze for yourself (and some to share if so inclined!). Electrolytes are what Burners crave.


What Not to Bring

  • Bad attitude… it never gets anyone anywhere except an invitation to go stand at the trash fence until the attitude shifts
  • Garbage ideas:
    • Individual single serving plastic water bottles might seem like a “no-duh,” but you might be surprised
    • Snap and glow sticks… we’ve evolved away from these
    • Feathers (we know… the Org said it’s ok, but it’s still a fucking dumb idea)
    • Glitter…because that shit sucks
    • Anything sequin
  • Anything you plan on not being willing to take back with you: REGARDLESS of state of being after 7+ days in the desert
    • Watermelons (fruit, vegetables, food in general) can get pretty weird and on the way home you’ll wonder what you thought would happen with those in the first place