New Camper Guidelines

Ever wanted to invite someone new to Camp EQ but wasnu2019t sure if you could? Or what the requirements were? Sweat no more (save it for the Playa) because here are some pointers.

Established campers like yourselves exercise good judgement and surround yourself with kind people. We trust you on that, so letu2019s get started!

There are 3 things we should do as a group to make sure our new campers are happy and have the best time ever at Burning Man:

Educate new campers to understand and abide by the Burning Man 10 Principles;
Prepare them in advance so that they are productive, happy and participatory during the event in and around EQ; and
Encourage and cultivate future EQ camp leaders

These points seem like a no-brainer but letu2019s make sure we prepped them well and have a good time!

Having said that we want to avoid the following:
Fly-ins: those folks who say u2018ya I want to get there sometime mid-week and leave a couple of days later!u2019. This isnu2019t quite fair to everyone at EQ for obvious reasons. In other words, letu2019s encourage full participation.
Large RVs*: Letu2019s face it. Part of the Burning Man experience is to camp in a tent, get dusty and wake up too damn early because itu2019s too hot to sleep past 10am. And EQ is not equipped to accommodate such luxury vehicles, so letu2019s not encourage that.
Hermits: At the heart of EQ is our spirit, *dynamic* personalities and interaction. If your friend/family member stays in their tent all the time or is never around then they probably arenu2019t for us.
Inviting more people than you can handle: There are no limits in terms of how many people you can invite, but remember that you are ultimately responsible for them. At times you can barely take care of yourself (you know what I mean). So imagine that scenario x7, 8, 9 people? Yep.

*For RVs: if your new camper plans to bring one, make sure the following are communicated
They are responsible for all maintenance, gray water, cleanup, etc
They donu2019t plan to spend the entire time in their RV
Create a welcoming atmosphere around their RV and invite the rest of EQ to hang out
We understand the need for an RV, i.e. if they are coming from a far, far away place or have special needs. Otherwise, try to encourage them to camp like us

Hope this clears things up! We look forward to new dusty faces and happy smiles 🙂 If you do decide to invite someone new, make sure you mark them as such in the Who Is Coming spreadsheet and let heeeeero know in advance.